Scherer Center Multidisciplinary Seminar Guests

This graduate seminar, sponsored by the Karla Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture, surveys the rich and varied multidisciplinary study of American culture as it is currently practiced at the University of Chicago. Seminar members will read and discuss recent work by faculty specialists from the Humanities, the Social Sciences, the Booth School of Business, the Divinity School, and the Law School at Chicago. Though interested in how different disciplines frame questions and problems, we will be attuned to convergences in themes, approaches, and methods. During the last half of our seminar meetings our authors will join us for a focused discussion of their work. Guests will also deliver public lectures before visiting the seminar. (Open to students in PhD, JD, and MA programs; consent required for MA and JD students.) Guests and readings in Spring 2017 include:

Sian Beilock, Executive Vice Provost and Stella M. Rowley Professor, Department of Psychology, Committee on Education, and the College; author of How the Body Knows Its Mind: The Surprising Power of the Physical Environment to Influence How You Think and Feel (2015)

Philip V. Bohlman, Ludwig Rosenberger Distinguished Service Professor in Jewish History, Department of Music and the Humanities in the College; editor of Jazz Worlds/World Jazz (2016)

Mark Philip Bradley, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of International History and the College and Faculty Director of the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights; author of The World Reimagined: American and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century (2016)

W. Clark Gilpin, Margaret E. Burton Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Divinity School; author of Religion Around Emily Dickinson (2014)

Deborah Nelson, Associate Professor of English; author of Tough Enough: Arbus, Arendt, Didion, McCarthy, Sontag, Weil (2017)

Geoffrey R. Stone, Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law; author of Sex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century (2017)

Amir Sufi, Bruce Lindsay Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Booth School of Business; author of House of Debt: How They (and You) Caused the Great Recession, and How We Can Prevent It from Happening Again (2014)

Vu Tran, Assistant Professor of Practice in the Arts; author of Dragonfish: A Novel (2015)

Scherer Center Seminar guests and readings (2008-2014):

Leora Auslander (History, Gender Studies, and Jewish Studies), Cultural Revolutions: Everyday Life and Politics in Britain, North America, and France (2009)

Lauren Berlant (English, Gender Studies), The Female Complaint: The Unfinished Business of Sentimentality in American Culture (2008)

Catherine Brekus (Divinity School), The Religious History of American Women: Reimagining the Past (2007); Sarah Osborne’s World: The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America (2013)

Bill Brown (English, Visual Arts), A Sense of Things: The Object Matter of American Literature (2005)

James Chandler (English, Cinema and Media Studies, Franke Institute for the Humanities), An Archaeology of Sympathy: The Sentimental Mode in Literature and Cinema (2013)

Julie Y. Chu (Anthropology), Cosmologies of Credit: Transnational Mobility and the Politics of Destination in China (2010)

Hillary Chute (English), Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics (2010)

Cathy Cohen (Political Science), Democracy Remixed: Black Youth and the Future of American Politics (2010)

Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff (Anthropology), Ethnicity, Inc. (2009)

Raul Coronado (English), A World Not to Come: A History of Latino Writing and Print Culture (2013)

Shannon Lee Dawdy (Anthropology), Building the Devil’s Empire: French Colonial New Orleans (2008)

Michael C. Dawson (Political Science; Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture), Blacks in and Out of the Left (2013)

Darby English (Art History), How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness (2007)

Curtis Evans (Divinity School), The Burden of Black Religion (2008)

Robert Fogel (Booth School of Business, Economics), The Changing Body: Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World Since 1700 (2011)

Eric Foner (History, Columbia Univ.), The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (2010) [outside guest]

David Galenson (Economics), And Now For Something Completely Different: Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art (2009; read in ms.)

Jacqueline Goldsby (English), A Spectacular Secret: Lynching in American Life and Literature (2006)

Robert Gooding-Williams (Political Science), In the Shadow of Du Bois: Afro-Modern Political Thought in America (2009)

Hanna Gray (History, Former President of the University), Searching for Utopia: Universities and their Histories (2012)

Adam Green (History), Selling the Race: Culture, Community, and Black Chicago, 1940-1955 (2007)

Bernard Harcourt (Political Science and Law School), The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order (2011)

James Heckman, John Eric Humphries and Tim Kautz (Economics), The Myth of Achievement Tests: The GED and the Role of Character in American Life (2014)

Thomas C. Holt (History), Children of Fire: A History of African Americans (2010)

Travis Jackson (Music), Blowin’ the Blues Away: Performance and Meaning on the New York Jazz Scene (2012)

Alison LaCroix (Law School), The Ideological Origins of American Federalism (2010)

William Landes (Economics and Law School), The Behavior of Federal Judges: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Rational Choice (2013)

Jonathan Lear (Philosophy and Social Thought), Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation (2006)

Ralph Lerner (Social Thought), Playing the Fool: Subversive Laughter in Troubled Times (2009)

Steven Levitt (Economics), SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance (2009)

Agnes Lugo-Ortiz (Romance Languages), Slave Portraiture in the Atlantic World (2013)

Joseph P. Masco (Anthropology), The Theater of Operations: National Security Affect from the Cold War to the War on Terror (2014)

W.J.T. Mitchell (Art History and English), Cloning Terror:  The War of Images, 9-11 to the Present (2011)

Martha C. Nussbaum (Philosophy, Divinity, and Law School), Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America’s Tradition of Religious Equality (2008)

Robert Pippin (Philosophy and Social Thought), Hollywood Westerns and American Myth: The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for Political Philosophy (2010)

Eric Posner (Law School), The Twilight of Human Rights Law (2014)

D.N. Rodowick (Cinema and Media Studies), Elegy for Theory (2014)

Sean Safford (Booth School of Business), Why the Garden Club Couldn't Save Youngstown: Social Networks and the Transformation of the Rust Belt (2009)

Kristen Schilt (Sociology), Just One of the Guys: Transgender Men and the Persistence of Gender Inequality (2010)

Michael Silverstein (Anthropology, Linguistics, and Psychology), Creatures of Politics: Media, Message, and the American Presidency (2012)

Mario Small (Sociology), Unanticipated Gains: Origins of Network Inequality in Everyday Life  (2009)

James Sparrow (History), Warfare State: World War II Americans and the Age of Big Government (2011)

Christine Stansell (History), The Feminist Promise: 1792 to the Present (2010)

Augusta Reed Thomas (University Professor, Music), Cello Concerto No. 3 (2013)

Robert Von Hallberg (Comparative Literature, English, Germanic Studies), Lyric Powers (2009)

Kenneth Warren (English), What Was African American Literature? (2011)

Rosanna Warren (Social Thought), Ghost in a Red Hat: Poems (2011)

Alison Winter (History and Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science), Memory: Fragments of a Modern History (2012)